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From an early age, we begin to show interest in cooking, and although at the beginning we treat it as a game, with time we acquire the belief that it is worth having such skills and a properly equipped kitchen.

The kitchen hood makes this task very easy.

These devices draw inspiration from the latest global design trends. As a result, they are not only an extremely practical solution in the kitchen. They are also a perfect complement  to any interior design. 

Thanks to the high-quality glass panels that we produce as components, cooker hoods will perfectly match both the interiors furnished in classic and modern style.


Glass panels are manufactured according to the strict instructions of our customers with all quality standards. Each panel undergoes detailed quality control, thanks to which the right component reaches the production line of our customer, and then it is used to produce high quality kitchen hoods.

Glass does not always have to be transparent! We treat each project individually. We can cover the panel with ceramic paints to get the right colour effect. 

The technological department supervises the development and implementation of appropriate instructions so that the production processes are always repeatable.


Euro grey bent tempered glass

Clear bent tempered glass

Flat tempered glass


Black color tempered glass

White color tempered glass

Euro grey tempered glass