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Modern design but also simplicity to use by the employee makes our product perfectly suitable for that purpose. Thanks to that, the device can be the central point of the store, where every customer will find something for themselves . 

The glass that we produce for these devices, flat or curved, is always hardened as it increases its strength. Numerical edge processing gives you great design options that can differentiate every manufacturer from the competition.

Tempered glass, low-emission

Our offer includes low-emission glass thanks to which freezers can meet high standards of maintaining the right temperature. This undoubtedly affects the quality of the products that are stored there and which we buy. The Angra company has specialized in the production of flat and bent tempered low-emissivity glass.

The glass we manufacture meets very high standards and is therefore ideally suited for freezers. Low-e is an abbreviation of the term low-emissivity. Low-E glass is preferred by various industries due to energy efficiency, which is very important nowadays.